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About Megan

Megan Pasquantonio-Pierce’s philosophy is centered around getting ‘unstuck’ through self-discovery and awareness. With this she empowers women to evolve into who they are truly meant to be. . .

By using an “out with the old, and in with the new” mentality she helps women facilitate their own self-discovery by becoming aware of their old played out patterns and habits, and replacing them with the new improved and enlightened version of themselves.

Having a master’s degree from Harvard Extension School with a concentration in psychology, Megan helps make lasting change attainable for anyone. She works exclusively with women who want to make a lasting change and are ready to make the most important investment of their lives. . . in themselves.

Through the power of self-discovery, Megan shows women how to embrace the good, the tough, and the super tough.

With more women ready to start anew and follow their dreams than ever before, Megan believes that anyone can make lasting change with the right tools.

Megan lives outside of Boston with her amazing husband and her wonderful dogs. When she is not busy empowering other women, she is in the great outdoors with her dogs and husband.

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