Hey There Lady!

I am Megan Pasquantonio-Pierce (Megan P^2, or Megan P-Pierce for short) and I am your coach.

I have a master’s degree (ALM) from Harvard University in Extension Studies with a concentration in psychology.

A little more about me: I have A LOT of relationships that matter very much to me.

I am a wife, daughter, sister, dog mom, and friend.

It is my belief that the relationship that we have with ourselves is the most important relationship.

If you think about it, all of the other relationships can come and go, but in the end we are all we have.

I have struggled most of my life with my relationship with myself, mainly because I was more concerned with the external world and what “they” thought of me more than what I thought of me.

At a young age I used food and exercise as a way to cope with my emotions. For years I was stuck, unable to allow myself the freedom to live a life without feeling restricted . . .

I attached my self-worth to the number on the scale.

I believed that if I reached this arbitrary magic number on the scale, all of my problems would magically disappear.

Weight-loss consumed my life.

I cringe to think of all the time and energy I put into beating myself up about reaching my "goal weight." The ironic thing is that once I did reach that "goal weight" my problems were the same. . .

Actually, my problems were worse.

I was hungry all of the time and preoccupied with food. I felt trapped in a hell of my own making. I spent so much time exercising that I did not have enough time to live my life...in the "perfect" body I created. I started to grow frustrated with myself because I felt if I could just get my eating under control, I would have it all.

Sound Familiar?

After all the frustration and self-directed mental abuse, I discovered that I was the one in control of my thoughts, and ultimately my life.

So I started really getting honest with myself . . . I was an emotional eater.

I restricted. I binged. I did it all depending on what I was feeling. Once I accepted this as an action I took because of a thought I was having, I started to understand myself on a different level.

I got to know myself, all of myself, especially the parts that I tried to hide from the world.

This caused a chain reaction.

I started to see the other stuff too. I started to see my own greatness and who I really was, other than my body.

Now, my relationship is still a work in progress. It will alway be a work in progress but I am willing to take the journey. I am willing to evolve. I am willing to be uncomfortable in order to have a better, more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to get unstuck?