6 Pillars of Intuitive Eating

The idea of intuitive eating can sometimes feel overwhelming and frustrating. It is a complete lifestyle change that goes against what many of us have grown up believing. We have been taught to clean our plate, wait for dinner to eat a big meal, and when the clock strikes 12pm, it is time for lunch. All of these rules do not take into consideration that we are individuals with different internal hunger meters.

We are not robots, we are not designed to be hungry at the same time and need the same amount or type of food. However, in general, Americans are brought up with a specific set of rules around food. These rules become a part of us, they are engrained into our everyday lives and become the way our children live theirs as well.

The diet industry is a large part of our culture today. There are many different diets that bring food rules to a whole new level. Although there are thousands of different diets out there, most have one major similarity, restriction. Americans, especially American women, have been using food restriction as a way to control their weight and many diet programs endorse this form of self-inflicted torture.

​If you are like me, food restriction was my coping mechanism. When things were stressful or I got anxious I used food to help me cope. It was up in the air as to which coping mechanism I used, whether it was to restrict my food or swing in the opposite direction into a full-out binge. I had been using food to cope with difficult emotions for years, so intuitive eating seemed like a very novel idea to me at the time. It sounded like a too-good-to-be-true diet. It didn’t seem like a realistic option for me, I didn’t believe I could be trusted around food.

What I didn’t realize was that I was an intuitive eater before, when I was a child, before social pressures and main stream media entered my world. In my previous post, “Why I Recommend That Everyone Start Eating Like A Toddler“, I explore this concept in more depth than I will here, but just believe me, we all have been intuitive eaters at one point.

Now as an adult, I was tired of the roller-coaster ride of restricting and then binging. All I wanted was to act NORMAL around food and start living my life.

You can start living yours too and become an intuitive eater simply by following 6 steps. I have done a lot of research into intuitive eating and through my own experience with intuitive eating, I have identified 6 important components to becoming an intuitive eater.

I call them the 6 pillars of intuitive eating.

  1. Commit to yourself and your body.
  2. Learn the difference between emotional and physical hunger.
  3. Learn your physical hunger and fullness signals.
  4. Explore how foods feel in your body.
  5. Understand that emotions will come up when stop eating when you are satisfied, but allow them to come.
  6. Enjoy, enjoy your food, enjoy the process of eating.

These pillars are important to any intuitive eating journey, because it is a step by step process of what actions you must take first. I will dive more deeply into each pillar in posts to come to help you along your intuitive eating journey. For now, check out my intuitive eating toolbox, this will provide you with the tools you need to start your journey today.
Intuitively yours,
Megan P^2