An Open Letter To Women-Kind

Dear Fellow Women of the World,

My purpose in this life is to help women like you realize their true potential, outside of dieting or weight loss. I believe that we, as women, have so many other, more important things to do than worry about shrinking ourselves. Our society has us thinking that we must be thin in order to fit into its standards of beauty and success. 

I believe that ditching the diet is another form of feminism and I invite you to join the revolution. 

The diet industry trapped me for years. I believed that if I was smaller I would be more liked, and accepted. So much of my early adult life was spent worrying about how I was perceived by others, whom I had  no control over. 

I do, however have control over me. 

I have control over the thoughts I think, and the feelings I feel. I have control over my actions and my results and nobody can take that away from me. Every thought, emotion, action and result is a choice. . . . my choice. By taking responsibility over how I feel about myself, no matter my size, I am taking my power back. 

It’s time to take your power back too. By letting go of that thin ideal you adhere to, you will be able to focus on your purpose rather than obsessing over the number on the scale. 

Because let’s face it, the world needs you. 

We need your passion, your drive and your love. By holding on to negative body image, and the dieting mentality, you are allowing the diet culture to crush your spirit. 

Please, let her out–let her be free to be exactly who she is–right now.

You have the ability to change your life, by just changing the thoughts you think every day. You have the power within you to be the woman you were created to be and do the work you were put here to do. I want to support you in all of your endeavors, whether it be through the blog or through one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Tell me in the comments how you support your positive body image. 


Megan P^2