Autumn: A Season of Change

Fall is my favorite season but I am always hesitant to say so, because after fall comes, winter is not far behind. I don’t know about you, but last year was a tough winter for us North-easterners. But this year I have decided to embrace the fall season, along with winter, whenever it comes.
When fall comes around I get so excited.  It means hot teas, warm socks, and snuggling up with my husband and dog during the chilly nights.  Fall also means change: change out of my summer wardrobe, change in outdoor activities, and change in spectator sports (ehhem football).
As the season changes, so should food.
No longer is there fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes, summer squash, and strawberries.  Instead the farmers market is filled with apples and acorn squash!
However in this time that we live in, if we want strawberries in January, we could get them.
I think that once I started eating with the seasons (that means no winter tomatoes that are pinkish-white on the inside!), I was better able to adjust to the seasonal changes.
The problem some people have with the changing seasons (myself included) is that they still want to continue to live the way they did in the summer. I am sorry to say my friends, with the change of the seasons, we must as well.  
I am going to make it my mission this year to embrace the seasons and the change that comes with them.  
However, this won’t be easy, change comes hard for me.
This winter there will not be any running through snow piles, while nearly getting eaten by a snowplow.  There will be no guilty feelings about sleeping more during the cold winter months. And lastly, I will ACTUALLY winterize my house this year.
I find getting mentally and physically (including my old house) prepared for the upcoming seasons makes it much easier to embrace. No more pushing a square peg into a round hole! (See my last post for context)
Winter is a time for warmth and hearty food. My husband and I eat a lot of veggie stews, roasted root vegetables, oatmeal, breads, and hearty dishes like vegan lasagna.  
But the point is to listen to your body in the winter, well really in all seasons, but winter tends to be tougher on the body.
Here are some of my favorite ways to fight off the winter blues and embrace this season of hibernation.
1) Warm yourself up with teas, coffees, and soups.
2) Make sure you have proper winter wear and warm clothes that will get you through the coldest of nights.
3) Have some yummy smelling candles that you love, and light them in the evening when it gets dark early.  
4) Take Epsom salt baths to warm up and help you relax after a tough day of shoveling.
Look out for next week’s post about the stable ingredients I keep in my kitchen in order to survive the winter compassionately.
Megan P^2