Coffee Challenge: Recap

My first 30 day challenge of the New Year was to eliminate coffee for the month of January. To be honest I did much better than I thought I would. The first 15 days went great. I was on a hot lemon water and green tea high. I felt so powerful. I was able to kick a habit that had me going back and forth along the spectrum of addiction for years.

My coffee challenge lasted for 15 days. The breaking point for me was when I was at work struggling to stay awake. I started my coffee habit again, albeit rather slowly and mindfully. I also picked up a lemon water habit, which was an added bonus. Since my 15 day coffee detox, I find myself not drinking it everyday.  When I do, I now have about a mug of coffee a day, and sometimes not finishing it. Yet truly upon reflection, this is what I was looking for all along, a bit of moderation.

I will give a brief synopsis of the colored past that led to my January coffee challenge. When I was completely and totally dependent on coffee, the days were pretty low; the extra kick that coffee once had wanes and the beauty of coffee loses its luster.

Dependence is not good for anyone. As I begrudgingly am learning, finding balance and having moderation seems to be the key for almost everything in life. Sadly my natural inclination is all-or-nothing. There is something about all-or-nothing thinking that gives me a kick of dopamine. As an adolescent, and even now, my father always preached the importance of balance and moderation, along with many other seemingly annoying snippets of intelligent verbiage. Although I must say, I wonder how well he would fare with the 30 day coffee challenge. What do you think, Dad?  Are you up for it?


Megan P^2