How To Feel The Big and Scary Emotions, Without Eating Through Them

As humans we have attached emotion to eating food through traditions, celebrations, and routines. But, for some of us, we use food as a coping mechanism for emotions we do not want to feel. 

I have found that when I feel either, guilt, boredom, shame, loneliness or fear, I tend to overeat. 

It has helped me immensely to acknowledge these emotions that make me want to overeat. I have found that by understanding the cause of my emotional eating, I am able to get closer to my truest self, without trying to change her. 

Let’s talk emotions. 

If we all just sit back and experience an emotion, it is a vibration in the body. When we feel anxiety there is a tightness in our chest and an ache in our belly, maybe a tightness in our throat. But really that is all an emotion is. 

The only problem is when we reject that emotion. We try to run and hide from it by eating or smoking or drinking (etc., etc.) but it only makes the experience worse and the emotion longer lasting.

By accepting the way we are feeling right now, and just sat with the emotion, it would pass. Emotions are fluid, they come and go, as long as there is no push back. 

Just feel it in your body, is the vibration all that big and scary? 

However, I must say, I still struggle with this from time to time, because my first instinct is to push up against my sadness, or loneliness. But if I just sit and feel them, sometimes even writing out how they feel in my body, they will pass eventually*. 

Notice what emotions trigger you to cope with food. Write down the list and see why you feel you need to cover these emotions up with food rather than feeling them. 

By bringing a conscious light to your emotions, rather than eating through them, you will start to have an entirely different relationship not just with food, but with yourself.

After all, that is the point of human existence, to constantly be evolving into your true nature. 

Intuitively Yours,

Megan P^2

*I would like to note that this does not include clinically diagnosed mental illness. Please talk to your doctor before trying this practice.