My Motivation for Change

The motivation behind my Happiness Project.

There is always a reason behind the motivation to change ourselves. By setting out this grand plan for my Happiness Project, I wanted this time to be different.

This project is the catalyst for change.

The change that is meant to evolve my perspective on my life.

This time, for the outcome to be different than the other goals that fizzled out, I had to understand my motivation.

Asking that big question of motivation brought up some other, more concrete questions that I hoped would help me.

Asking the right questions.

What is my motivation for change?

More precisely:

Why am I putting myself through this?

What will I gain from this experience?

How is this going to make me FEEL?

My answers.

Most of all, I wanted to start this happiness project as a way to keep myself accountable. Ultimately, by stretching myself I hope to gain new insights on how to live a better, more fulfilled life.

As this journey has unfolded, I have come to realize that for the above to happen, a sense of calm will come first.

Through meditation, I know that I can access that sense of calm wherever I am, at anytime. In the cultivation of self-resilience I hope to create, my perspective on my life is bound to shift. My belief is that a sense of calm will be the key to unlocking my happiness to live a better, more fulfilled life.  

Many of us, often feel unsatisfied with where our lives are heading, but we cannot get out of our own way in order to make the change. Similarly, I felt I could not get any real traction that made a difference in my life satisfaction. I wanted to feel more in control of my life. Therefore, this project came to be the vehicle to help get me on the road to contentment, gladness and joy.

Before this project, I had studied the mind and how powerful it is. However, thinking about something intellectually is very different than experiencing something deep within your soul.

My motivation for the project is that it will allow me to learn more about myself, and maybe come to realize deep in my soul, that my happiness was here all along. All I had to do was find the tools to dig it up.