New Year’s Resolution: To Mother Myself


The post-holiday hangover is something that has plagued me, what seems to be my whole life. You know that day after Christmas blues? All of the presents are unwrapped and all the food eaten. Family goes their separate ways, back to wherever it is they came from.

This year it feels like time has just flown by. I feel that it was just summer time and now it is a day before the new year. This year my holiday hangover did not start the day after Christmas, but it started when I left my childhood home with my husband and dogs to make the trip back to Boston. It is always hard to leave my family, the family that I feel so much for, but there is always that reality of my life waiting for me back in Boston.

That perpetual feeling along with my period coming on has not made for a seamless transition back to reality. My first instinct is to push up against the feeling and force myself to get everything done on my to-do list. But as I have become more tapped into my intuition, I have realized that pushing up against this natural need for rest, makes everything harder.

So today, I did a thought inventory because I was feeling especially negative. I realized that I have been struggling to get back to my intuitive eating because I have been mentally beating myself up for not wanting to do everything on my list. After this realization, I wanted to tell myself how crazy that sounded. As I have been teaching within my practice and my posts, acceptance and acknowledgement is the first step to changing your thought patterns.

I asked myself how I could get out of this negative spin cycle, my brain went right to work looking for the answer.

The answer was back at home in Rochester, NY.

I need to care for myself the way my mother cares for me.

So my to-do list was about 20 items long including things like clean the house, which for all intents and purposes is a to-do list within its own right. I gave this list a look through my mother’s eyes and thought ok, what can I do to care for myself today?

I can do laundry, that is not a high intensity sport. I can lay in bed and listen for the buzzer. My future self will thank me for it later.

I can go and move my body, I know that doing a light workout will make me feel better. But jump on the bike and watch Gilmore girls for 30 minutes, but be sure to drink water and stretch after!

Take my dogs for a walk, the fresh air will do me good. Maybe listen to a podcast or an audiobook while my dogs frolic in the snow. Absolutely wonderful.

Next, write my blog post, here I am doing it right now with a cup of coffee and water. Because writing is always healing for me.

That’s it! No cleaning the house, no cooking, just relaxing and doing the items that are simply good for me. Rather than pushing against this feeling and emotionally eating because I am utterly exhausted, I am choosing to take care of myself. This is much more pleasurable and wrecks less havoc on my mental state and my body.

Try this, think about mothering yourself for a day this weekend.

In the comments below, tell me how it went, did it feel good? How did you think of yourself after?

Intuitively Yours, 

Megan P^2