PILLAR 3: Become Aware of Your Physical Hunger and Fullness Signals.

The third pillar of the 6 pillars of intuitive eating is to Become Aware of Your Physical Hunger and Fullness Signals. 

Many people do not pay attention or are not aware of the goings on in their bodies. We have ignored our bodies for so long that the only time we can hear our bodies are when they are screaming at us. It takes a lot for our bodies to scream at us and by then we are probably down the road starving or sick or injured. 

As I have talked about many times before, the diet industry tries to make our bodies out to be mechanical things that we can bend to our will. We have been made to believe that there is a simple equation to lose weight. Eat less and exercise more.  

But as many of us know, this simple equation does not do our body the justice that it deserves. Our bodies are these incredibly complex, amazing organisms that have many chemical reactions going on at one point in time, all without us knowing that anything is going on. 

The lack of awareness is what gets many of us in trouble, whether it be unconscious eating, or restricted eating, both lead to overeating. Part of intuitive eating is knowing what your body feels like when it is truly physically hungry. 

Increased awareness is the key to intuitive eating.

So we all may think we know what we feel like when we are hungry and when we are full, but how often do you actually take the time to sit and listen to those hunger signals? 

Did you know that hunger comes and goes, like a wave? 

It is important to ask yourself that question every time you think you are hungry. Really sit with the hunger and feel it, define each feeling as it comes. For example, may be your stomach is gurgling, or you might feel light headed. 

I have a tool that will help give structure to understanding your hunger. The Hunger Meter. This is your body’s fuel gauge, just like in your car. It goes along the spectrum of -10 to 10. -10 is painfully hungry and 10 is painfully full and 0 is not hungry or full. Brooke Castillo was the original creator of this type of scale. She suggests to eat from -2 to 2 to practice learning the nuance of your own hunger. 

To be an intuitive eater, you must be your very own expert on your body. Learning your hunger and fullness cues are pertinent to learning the art of intuitive eating. Listen to what your body is telling you. The beauty of being an intuitive eater is that this awareness seeps into other areas of your life. If you listen enough, you will be able to hear what your body wants in terms of exercise or movement on a daily basis. You learn to listen to your thoughts. You learn to become aware of what you are feeling.

Awareness is something that we all could work on in this day and age. We have become checked out of our own lives, because we are so busy and have trouble setting priorities. Let’s make awareness a priority in our own lives. Ready to join me?


​Megan P^2