Resolutions Check In #1

Resolutions Reflection.

My resolutions have proven to be a mixed bag.


This month, the connection resolution (see this blog post for a full list of resolutions) is easier for me, because I can plan ahead. I love making plans and scheduling, it gives me a deep sense of calm. My favorite thing in the world is projecting into the future. So it is not hard for me to reach out and make plans with others. 

Mental Health.

My meditation practice is going very well.

I have had many breakthroughs in my practice: I found myself focusing on my breath while in traffic. Rather than getting frustrated or irritated, I took the time to breath. The sensation of clearing my mind and focusing solely on my breath was such a natural occurrence.

Over the past few days I actually had a visceral need for more meditation time. Again, this was a welcomed natural occurrence and I can only attribute it to this routine practice of meditation. I have increased my morning meditation from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. I struggle with energy and focus around 2pm, so I have been thinking about making time for an afternoon meditation.

Physical Health.

Not drinking this month has not been difficult.

I have trouble with my gut and I have found that drinking accentuates this issue. Additionally, I have become very sensitive to certain kinds of alcohol. Certain varieties give me a massive headache with just a glass. On top of all the above, my husband is not drinking this month either, which helps strengthen my resolve.

Pretty smooth sailing with these resolutions thus far, but here is where I am slipping up: sanctuary and giving back categories.


I have yet to do anything with this resolution: to finish one room in my house. Knowing my planning nature, I can start to get my ball rolling by simply writing down the steps required to get the upstairs guest room completed.

Giving Back.

Finally, my giving back resolution this month: to greet everyone I pass. This has proven to be the hardest out of them all.

It is partially due to the fact that I am not as present and engaged in the world as I had initially thought.

The gym has shown to be a tough place for me. Naturally, I have headphones in and I do not always greet or even NOTICE everyone I pass. Fully engaged in the exercise I am doing also does not allow me to focus on the humanity around me. Another thing I have to think about is when riding the subway. When there is a large group of people, do I greet each and everyone? Maybe just a simple smile and eye contact would suffice.

This resolution might need to be amended a bit.