Why Rhythm & Food


I chose the title “Rhythm & Food,” for my new website for many reasons.  One being the obvious play on words, “Rhythm and Blues.” Kinda cute, right? Secondly, I felt that the title was all-encompassing in what my vision was for this platform.

​I truly identify with being vegan.  And I absolutely love to chat about it with others about plant-based nutrition.  This is where “food” comes into play.  Although for most of us there is an emotional attachment to food.  Food has such a powerful meaning for us.  Some of us have issues with food, myself included.  And I hope to explore this vast topic further in the weeks, months, and (hopefully) years to come.

​But I have allowed another identity to fully emerge for myself: the wanderer, the learner, and the explorer of my own rhythm.

I have always been of the curious sort.  My love of learning materialized through my love of stories.  Growing up reading was always a struggle and I had serious anxiety around the whole activity.  This I will delve into at a later point, I am sure.  But I always loved bedtime stories that my mom or dad would read.  Because along with reading anxiety, I had anxiety around sleep as well.  It was always a feat for my parents to get me off to bed. But storytime was always the book end of my day (no pun intended) that allowed me to relax into dreamland, gently.

Stories always ignited this curiosity for me.  The realization that there was a whole big world out there for me to explore.  This blog is the platform for me to do just that–tell you my stories and the lessons I have learned.

I know this blog and website will evolve.  How could it not?  Into what exactly, I am not quite sure of yet.  But I invite you to come on this ride with me to find out how the story ends.