Self-Worth Summary: What I know So Far

In my quest for understanding self-worth and how it effects our lives, I realized that in order to move forward in my investigation I had to go back and do a recap.

Why I am Obsessed With Self-Worth

As I have gotten more comfortably into my adulthood, I have come to understand that there is a lot of me that I have tried to pushed away or bury.

I thought that if I tried hard enough, I would be able to make myself into a different person than who I truly am. I became very good at white knuckling my way through life, pushing harder and not listening to my own intuition. My track record reflects this in a very clear way.

See here, here, and here.

But I have come to understand that this is not what makes for a joyful, well-rounded life. Life does not have to be hard and fast in order for it to be a good one.

It is rather quite the opposite, a little patience, diligence and gentleness seems to go a long way.

This idea is reflected in my coaching philosophy, which is centered around getting “unstuck” by way of self-discovery and awareness.

I realize that this philosophy may seem a bit flowery, and possibly oversimplified.  But it is exactly what I am doing here. Getting unstuck right here in this blog series and I invite you to come along with me to get the stickiness out of your life too.

My hope is that this series will cultivate a curiosity in my readers. With that curiosity, my readers will tap into the greatest tool they will ever own—their minds.

To be able to do this, awareness is essential. . .

Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Self-Image . . . O My!

Our sense of self-worth is at the root of all our self-esteem, self-acceptance, body-image stuff.

As I have been exploring my own self-worth, my awareness of myself has moved to a higher level and my self-acceptance has followed suit. For I know now that I cannot beat my self-worth into submission. Much as I cannot hate myself thin.

Self-worth is interconnected with our beliefs about ourselves (self-image, body-image, self-esteem, self-efficacy, etc).

Self-worth is the foundation of all our self-beliefs and we must protect our self-worth against in coming invaders.

If our foundation (self-worth) is weak, the rest of the structure will be as well. On the other hand, if our self-esteem, body-image or self-efficacy is low it is like taking a jackhammer to the foundation.

Either way, our foundation (self-worth) is at risk.

But each self belief (self-concept—self-esteem, body-image etc.) has a place in our lives and influences our self-worth in important ways.

This is why the self-worth series of mine has exploded from a three-part series to a six or more part series. As I have been learning more, it has shown me how important our self-worth is to our overall quality of life.

Self-worth deserves to be explored and pondered on a grander level.

What I Know So Far

The first introduction to the self and self-concept for me, started with Brooke Castillo. She sparked curiosity within me through the simple, but effective use of The Model.

I have referred to The Model many times throughout my blog (here, here, here). But then my curiosity gained strength when I started watching my thoughts and how they effected my feelings.

I discovered that many of my automatic thoughts (beliefs) effected how I felt about my value and many times those thoughts would bring my sense of worth decreased.

Upon further exploration, I saw that there were other things that increased my self-worth.

But what about the other self-concepts? How do they interact with self-worth? Well here I talk about how self-esteem and self-worth are different and the importance of self-esteem’s effect on self-worth and visa versa.

Self-image is a factor that effects our self-worth. Here I explain how self-image and body-image seemingly work together to either build or destroy self-worth. I talk about how my self-worth still is highly impacted by how I view my body. This concept concerns many, especially women.

I have found that to build a better relationship with our bodies we must understand how our body-image is influenced by external forces. Once we are able to achieve some form of self-acceptance and body acceptance our self-worth increases.

So, Where We are Going?

My education is in psychology. When I was exploring self-worth many prominent forward thinkers in the psychology world came up.

One being Carl Rogers.

Carl Rogers believed that self-image and the ideal self interact to create self-worth.

In an upcoming post, I will talk about the ideal self, what it is and how it interacts with self-image to inform self-worth.

Rogers also theorized about growth-potential and self-actualization. These two constructs have the potential to impact the human life on a grand level and effects how we value ourselves.

Another post will give a summary of the different factors that affect our self-worth and how we can change our thinking around those factors to positively impact our sense of value (comparison, self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-image, body-image).

Next, there is incredible work being done about the mini-self. The mini-self refers to the idea that a person has multiple pieces to them, those pieces are what is called the “mini-self.” It is theorized that there is a network of mini-selves in the brain.

When we feel our best, all of the mini-selves are in balance.

How do all of those selves interact to form one human-being? How does that effect our self-worth? I will be reporting on that in an upcoming blog.

This is a lot.

Many of you may just want to get down to the nitty gritty of how to make positive change to your self-worth, but it is my belief that we must start by understanding the root of the problem, rather than go right to fixing it.

After all we all want lasting change, don’t we?

The way to lasting change is to become aware.

The next piece to the series is how one can go about nurturing our self-worth. I will talk about some daily practices that will nurture and grow our self-worth.

Goal of this series

I want you to feel BETTER!

That is always my goal with any of my posts. I want to spark curiosity and compassion within each and every one of you. I want to help you to make your life just a little better or a lot better, depending on how big that spark is.

In all of these posts, I will offer an action step.


All of my work is based off of awareness and how our thoughts affect our feelings. Here is a refresher of how to get to know yourself better here is a link to my thought inventory.

There is an organic nature to self-exploration. When we hold space for our thoughts and feelings a whole world becomes available to us, in a way it never was before.

Hence my interest in self-worth.

Much love,

Megan P^2