Starting Fresh for 2018: My Happiness Project

Hello Friends!

I have not been posting on my blog for awhile now, but I feel that I am ready to start up writing and sharing again. I am going to do that through my happiness project.

What is a happiness project?

A happiness project is a way of changing your life by being purposefully finding happiness in your everyday. The idea for the happiness project comes from Gretchen Rubin’s original Happiness Project.

Self-improvement has always interested me. A few years ago I discovered Gretchen Rubin’s work, but at that time I was not ready for what she had to teach me.

In the spring of 2017 I rediscovered her podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin with her sister Liz Craft and I was instantly hooked. I loved the down-to-earth, easy going nature and I found comfort in their podcast. As I do with all of my teachers, I had to know more about what Rubin was offering. So I read the “The Happiness Project,” “Better than Before” and “Happier at Home.”

As an upholder, I rise to both internal and external expectations pretty easily and had fun with experimenting with Gretchen’s habit strategies. Through that experimentation, I was able to form and strengthen some foundational habits.

The Accident.

I had these visions of starting my own Happiness Project one day, but it never was a concrete idea, until this fall.

In the summer of 2017 my family took a huge hit. My husband sustained second and third degree burns over 28% of his body. The accident happen out of town and I had to go and live in Philadelphia while he recovered. It was a scary time for the both of us and the stress was at an all-time high.

My habits saved me.

I believe that my good habits allowed me to be the wife my husband needed as he went through the most painful experience of his life, healing his injuries.

My husband is doing much better, but is still recovering for the traumatic accident. This experience has inspired me to cultivate more happiness. 

Life is fragile and if I don’t start a happiness project now, then when?

Please join me through the next 12 months on my soul-searching, happiness adventure!