Take Back Your POWER

Life is tough, many things are out of our control: circumstances, other people, and our past. However, the way we choose to experience the present moment through our thoughts is completely within our control. Many of us do not realize that distinction between what is within our control and what is not.     

   This lesson has changed my life. The way I experience circumstances and I interact with the world is now back in my capable hands. But I have found that it is a hard lesson to continuously implement, many times I go back to thinking that my life is happening to me and I don’t have any control over my destiny. When my brain gets on a negative spin cycle trying to retrain my thinking can sometimes be a challenge because I have been practicing this thought process for 27 years without knowing I can change gears.     

   This morning I was planning out a lesson for a group I am running and I noticed that I had this recurring feeling of uncertainty, which stemmed from a thought I was having about a conversation I had last night. I was talking to a friend who is deeply entrenched  in corporate America and when I told him I was starting a coaching practice he was extremely skeptical. He started asking me all of these questions about how I plan to practice and how my business model will run. As he asked these questions I could feel the uncertainty seeping under my skin. I woke this morning with that feeling, that slight tightening in my chest, and shoulders. I sat down to create my lesson that I was so excited about just the day before and realized I needed to do a little exploration into my own mind.     

   I wrote down all of my thoughts. . . . all of them. By having the visual of my thoughts on a piece of paper, I could see why I had that feeling of uncertainty.  Drawing a line below those negative self-deprecating thoughts, I started writing down more positive, self-assured thoughts, which gave me the confidence to continue with my lesson plan.  It is important to note that this exercise is not a one-hit-wonder, writing down these thoughts once will not cure my doubt, but this practice of changing those doubtful thoughts into confident thoughts that I truly believe will result into the action that I want. . . . building a successful coaching practice that I have been dreaming of.

My Offering to You: This practice is slowly building up my self-efficacy, the belief that I can accomplish a task. This coaching practice is quite a challenging task, but I do believe that I can do it through hard work, and thought management. If taking a moment to write down your thoughts to change your life, why haven’t you started? By changing your thoughts into thoughts that serve you, you can do any task and accomplish any goal that is set in front of you. My challenge to you is to start writing down your thoughts in the morning, get a notebook that is solely dedicated to this practice and see how your life changes right before your eyes. Leave a comment in the comment section and tell me your thoughts. 

Much love and confidence, 
Megan  ​​