Self-Actualization: What is your truth telling you?


Have you ever thought what is it all for?

Why are we here on the planet? What is our purpose?

In my humble opinion, we are here to become more evolved in who we meant to be, and in doing so we are better able to make the world a better place.

At our core as humans, we try to make things better, whatever way we see fit.

“Making things better” seems a little ambiguous as we all have different opinions about how things could be better.

That is the beauty of our world, different walks of life, different experiences make for different opinions.

And that is all OK.

But the one thing we all have in common is at our core we are all human.

We all have needs

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it is theorized that the basic needs, food, water, shelter, are at the bottom of the hierarchy. Without those needs first being met, one is unable to move forward up the hierarchy. As we move up the hierarchy, our needs become more psychological.

Once all of our needs on the hierarchy are met, we move forward to self-actualization.


According to Maslow, self-actualization is when all of our needs are met and full personal potential is realized.

Maslow’s theory started to develop as he moved through his life. One idea was that true self-actualization is hardwired into humans.

Coming out of the womb we are self-actualized.

There is nothing that we need to add to bring us to self-actualization. So by not taking anything away from ourselves, we are able to see our true selves—our self-actualized selves.

Think about it…

We are always trying to add something to ourselves to make ourselves better. What if we just didn’t take anything away? We didn’t hide who we are, and we embraced ourselves fully.

What if we got down to our truest nature?

Give yourself a chance. . .


Here is an exercise that will help focus your mind in a tangible way to help you find your voice (from O Magazine).

Grab a writing devise, whether it be pen and paper, or your iPhone. When you have a moment, set a timer to go off at a moment when you are able to put aside what you are doing and reflect (be it 30 minutes or 2 hours).

This alert is meant to interrupt an activity that you are doing.

Then write at the top of your page: “Am I living my deepest truth right now?”

Wait for the timer to go off.

Once the timer goes off it is time for an honesty check. Open up your journal, and take a deep breath.

Let the answer rise up from within.

It may be yes, no or I’m not sure. . .

That is OK to not be sure. It will take some time to let the true you arise.

This will take some time and practice, but by just setting aside time and asking yourself the question, honesty will slowly be revealed.

Try it! See how your life is aligning with your true wants and needs.

Let me know how it goes.

Much love,

Megan P^2


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