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  • January 2018: Happiness Project Reflection

    January Is Over. January: My first challenge is done. How do I feel? Proud, but with a sprinkle of winter blues. In the northeast, this January 2018 started off with…

  • The Struggle is Real: Second Resolutions Check In

    Check In #2: The Struggle is Real This past week I have struggled with quieting my mind. Before, meditation brought ease and rejuvenation, but now it feels like a swamp…

  • My Motivation for Change

    The motivation behind my Happiness Project. There is always a reason behind the motivation to change ourselves. By setting out this grand plan for my Happiness Project, I wanted this…

  • Resolutions Check In #1

    Resolutions Reflection. My resolutions have proven to be a mixed bag. Connection. This month, the connection resolution (see this blog post for a full list of resolutions) is easier for…

About Megan

My philosophy is centered around getting ‘unstuck’ through self-discovery and awareness. This past year, I have come to embrace my ever changing, emerging humanness. My belief is that everything happens for a reason, it helps us grow into who we were meant to be.

If we are lucky, our interests and mindset will shift throughout our lives, and that is the most beautiful type of growth. The growth that will allow us to become more complete versions of ourselves. With the help of other amazing thought leaders whose ideas I will share with you here, I am leading an inspired and full life.

This website has two purposes. The first is to be a place for me to organize and document my journey through my everchange evolution of self. The second purpose of this website is for others to follow my journey and to know they are not alone in their quest for some peace and happiness.

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